Michelin PAX System Complete Assembly

Michelin Pilot Primacy 245 700 R470 AC Tyres with Support Ring & Rim

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Michelin PAX System for Armored Mercedes Benz Guard, Maybach, BMW and Audi Security Cars, a highly effective compact mobility safety solution. Readily Available in Stock.

Michelin Pilot Primacy 245 700 R470 AC Tyres with Complete Assembly including Support Ring, PAX Insert and Alloy Rims and also sold separately with accessories PAX System Universal Runflat Kit Gel, Tire Pressure Air Sensors and Valves.

TThe semi-rigid run-flat insert is made of a special material adapted to the weight of an armored limousine. It is mounted on a rim with a specific profile that supports the Michelin Pax Tyres and its sidewall in case of sudden loss of pressure. This system is currently the best run-flat system in the world because it significantly improves vehicle control in the event of a puncture in one or more tires. The vehicle therefore retains its mobility in an emergency. The material used for the run-flat system insert is mounted on a special rim profile. It considerably improves safety standards when driving with a flat tire.

Rims of Michelin PAX are approved for a weight of 1700+ Kg each. The core of it is the semi-rigid ring installed onto the rim using PAX Gel Kit and Special Equipment.

PAX Tyres Sizes & Vehicle Models

Michelin 245 700 R470 AC Tyres DOT23 for W221 W222 W223 with Ring Runflat, Alloy Rim, Gel Kit for Armored Mercedes Benz Guard, Maybach, BMW & Audi Security Cars.

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