Bulletproof Window Linear Actuators

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Heavy duty armored door glass lifter, designed and engineered for carrying heavy weight up to B7 Glass thickness, customized to reduce the motor noise. Dynamic Defense Solutions, provides the complete range of armored cars parts, with highly satisfied customer base of armoring companies all around the world, we believe in Innovation with professional excellence & integrity. Our Armored Window Door Lifter/Linear Actuator Solutions covers armored vehicles for B6 & B7 level weights in the category of Armored Luxury vehicles, Armored SUV, Armored sedan cars, Armored Trucks, Armored Tactical Vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers. Following are the Technical Specifications for our Heavy Duty Windows Lifter. Stroke: 90 to 150mm Speed: 11 to 20 mm/s Voltage: 12VDC Load: 1000 to 2000N Type Duty: 20% Standard: Waterproof IP65

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Heavy Duty Actuators, For Armored Vehicles, For Sale in UAE,

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